Method for making electric mosquito-repellent incense sheet

A sustained-release electric heating mosquito coil sheet and a manufacturing method. It is made of carbon or fiber materials to make an electric heating sheet containing at least one mosquito killer liquid. At least one upward emitting surface of the electric heating sheet is sprayed or A layer of temperature-resistant plastic film layer or foaming alkali inorganic coating film layer or organic coating film layer is prepared by dipping or film molding method, so as to make a temperature-resistant film layer on at least one surface and containing at least one mosquito killer The carbon or fiber material of the liquid medicine slow-release electric heating sheet; it can make the active ingredients of the mosquito-killing liquid volatilize slowly and evenly during use, and it can be effective within 8-10 hours. The effect of repelling mosquitoes overcomes the most common shortcomings of the existing electric mosquito coils of poor use effects, and has the characteristics of simple manufacturing process, convenient use, safe and reliable, and obvious use effects.

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