How to use the sleeping incense electric mosquito coil

Electric mosquito coils are as harmful as mosquito coils:

       The active ingredients of pan, liquid, and electric mosquito coils are all chemical agents with insecticidal ingredients, and the difference lies in their different carriers. Therefore, it is unscientific to say that "smokeless mosquito coils are less harmful than smoked mosquito coils, and electric mosquito coils are less harmful than disc mosquito coils".

       The smoke burned by mosquito coils contains ultrafine particles, and the amount of particles released by a mosquito coil is the same as 4-6 packs of cigarettes. But not all mosquito coils produce carcinogens. Only when the combustion is incomplete will they produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbonyl compounds, benzene and other possible carcinogens. The effective medicinal ingredient in mosquito coils (including mosquito-killing tablets) is usually 0.2%-0.4% pyrethrin, which has low toxicity and is almost harmless to humans. But inferior mosquito coils contain BHC powder, realgar powder, etc., which can cause chronic poisoning.

How to buy mosquito coils:

       First, the packaging of regular products should be marked with the manufacturer's specific information, production date, main ingredients and environmental certification marks.

       Second, high-quality mosquito coils have great resistance to bending, no mildew, and can generally burn for more than 6 hours. The flame is yellow, the smoke is clear, and there is no pungent sensation, and the residual ashes are off-white.

       Third, try to choose mosquito coils made of plant ingredients or pyrethroid insecticides.

Various harmless repellent methods:

       It is best to use mosquito coils, insecticides, etc. to repel mosquitoes when there is no one indoors to prevent poisoning;

       Raw garlic and oral vitamin B will be excreted from sweat through human body's physiological metabolism, which will produce a smell that mosquitoes dare not approach;

       Place uncovered cooling oils and wind oils in the bedroom, or place one or two pots of night lavender, jasmine, Milan, mint or rose in full bloom, and mosquitoes will escape because of their unbearable smell:

       Clear water in front of and behind the house and indoors to effectively prevent the breeding of mosquitoes;

       It is best to use "electric mosquito swatter" and other safe and non-toxic side effects mosquito killer products.


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