How to choose mosquito killers

In supermarkets and shopping malls, there are a variety of anti-mosquito products. Then, coil incense, electric mosquito incense, aerosol insecticide... which one is more effective? Chief physician Pan Kaiyou of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention replied: The effect is similar.

Anti-mosquito products must be tested before they go on the market. The specific standard is KT50, which is the time required to knock down half of the mosquitoes in the experiment. The standard should be less than or equal to 4 minutes. Testing found that the time required for coil incense, electric mosquito coil, and aerosol insecticides to knock down mosquitoes is actually the same.

Many consumers complain that mosquitoes are still present when they use anti-mosquito products at home. Chief Physician Pan Kaiyou pointed out that in order to improve the effect of mosquito repellent, the method of use is very particular.

If you use coiled incense, you should place 1 coil for every 15 square meters. If you exceed 15 square meters, you can have one more mosquito coil. The effective time is more than 7 hours. The mosquito coil should be placed on the windward. It is more effective when used in air-conditioned rooms.

Electric mosquito coils are available in two types: pharmaceutical type and tablet type. The liquid medicine is changed every 20-40 days for the medicinal mosquito repellent, which is more convenient than the tablet-type mosquito repellent to change the tablets daily, but the price of the liquid medicine is slightly higher than that of the tablets.

When using the tablet-type electric mosquito repellent in a room of 10-15 square meters, you can cut the mosquito repellent tablets into three for use, that is, add a small piece of new one every day, put it in the middle, and add the two small pieces used the day before . This can make full use of the mosquito repellent components in the center of the tablet that have not evaporated, so as to achieve the purpose of saving expenses. Close the doors and windows of the room within 30-60 minutes after the mosquito repellent is just turned on, the effect will be better. The used mosquito repellent sheet can be immersed in the mosquito repellent for half an hour, and can be used again after it is taken out and dried. Spray the mosquito retentive liquid on the screen window, spray once, the effect can last for a month, and the liquid medicine is also relatively cheap.

However, there is no single method that can completely prevent mosquitoes, and mosquitoes are also resistant to drugs, so you can usually use different mosquito repellents or mosquitoes in turn.

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